Before you make an offer, Get a Home Buyer Evaluation Report  

It's more important than ever to know what price to offer,  I would hate to see you pay too much for a home. That is why I prepare a Buyer Home Evaluation Report for my clients before making an offer. 

Discover a home REAL Market Value  - Knowing if a home selling price is over priced is highly important before making an offer.  The Home Evaluation Report will help you avoid paying too much.  An under priced home may sell quickly and you will need to act fast, before other buyers beat you to the home. It is crucial that you know the home's true market value in today's ever-changing real estate market so that you make a sound financial decision. 

Just the Facts - The “Home Facts” and “Extended Home Facts” quickly summarize the characteristics of the home and compares it to sold, active, pending and homes that did not sell in the neighborhood: number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, lot size, etc. Is there parking? Does the property have a garage? A pool?  These facts, and more, are presented in an easy­ to ­read format. 

A Picture is worth a thousand words - We take the photos, that are available for the homes, photos are the first true descriptive glance into a home. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” With many homes also having historical photos available, the Home Evaluation Report shows the history of the home with pictures, far more effective than a lengthy written history. Imagine being able to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of a kitchen remodel.  With historical photos provided, the home’s story comes to life.

Which of these Homes isn’t like the others - As we continue to travel thru the Home Evaluation Report, we come upon the Comps and Adjustments. This section of the report really gives you an idea of how the home stacks up against others, by highlighting adjustments you will know, how do these homes compare to each other. Does one home have a better view? Perhaps another is not in great shape.  It will become clear how the home compares to similar homes.

A lesson in history - To really get an idea of what a home might be worth, it’s critical to look at its past. What are the property taxes for this home? How has the local real estate market performed recently?  Is the home owner ‘under water’? Has the home ever been distressed? The Home History section of the Home Evaluation Report is there to provide answers to these fundamental questions.

Don't even think about making an offer until you've found out how much it is really worth!

Welcome to the neighborhood - A home is just a piece of a larger puzzle: the neighborhood. When you are looking to purchase a home, you are also purchasing the neighborhood and all that comes with it.

This section of the Home Evaluation Report Displays Essential Neighborhood Data. From the average temperature, to the number of children, to more specific market information such as average listing price, price per square foot, the Neighborhood Section provides it all in impressive charts and graphs. And to make the charts and graphs easy to understand for you, each one is accompanied by an “About this Data” section that not only describes the type of data included in the charts and graphs, but where the Home Evaluation Report receives the data from, and the last time it was updated.

The School Report Card - If you have children, chances are that schools are a factor in deciding on which home to buy. In this final section of the Home Evaluation Report, we display the School Test Scores, Ratings and Reviews. You can see detailed information about the school that accompanies the home. The school attendance zone data works behind the scenes to display this vital information that is needed most.  

As you will see, the Home Evaluation Report includes all the information you will need to make an educated decision about a home.

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